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Real Stories of Eamonn's positive influence


Eight time bestselling author, including his #1 bestseller,
The Unemployed Millionaire

Peter Powderham 

UK's No. 1 Home Business Entrepereneur & Trainer

Peter Powderham has over thirty years experience in the
Network Marketing Industry.

Eric Allen

International Business Trainer & Entrepreneur

International Marketing Director Eric Allen is a master in the art of living. He’s able to be at home with his wife and 4 kids.


$1m a year home Business Entrepreneur & Trainer

Eric Gusevik

International Business Trainer & Entrepreneur

Pat Slattery

Ireland’s No.1 Business Coach

Dona Kennedy

Best selling Author and Speaker

marc accetta - eamonn obrien

Marc Accetta

Internationally renowned speaker and business mentor

“Eamonn is really good guy and is definitely an up and coming superstar. He has been the main guy in Ireland, the one that has been fighting and going no matter what. Just there whether things are up or down or whatever, his been a warrior so I would like to thank you brother for doing a great job”

NOEMIE NSANGA - Eamonn obrien

Noemie Nsanga

Business Manager - Fashion Industry

“I met Eamonn a few months ago and it was one of those Divine Connection. He has a huge passion for helping others become successful and he is always full of enthusiasm. With his integrity and his strong work ethics, it is a pleasure and honor to learn from him. Great leadership skills and very ambitious, I am truly inspired by Eamonn’s talent.”

tiago jacques - worlventures

Tiago Jacques

Catering Industry

“Eamonn is a true leader, always looking for new challenges and new ideas to find a way to help others, is a determined person, love what he does, love meeting new people and helping them to be successful”

joana skora worldventures

Marc Accetta

Childcare Assistant

“I have had a possibility to meet Eamonn few years ago. Since we started work together I find him as a very focused and ambitious person with very strong leadership. He is very professional and highly motivated. The team and the people he works with is always the most important thing. I am delighted that I can work and learn from person like Eamonn”

vincent tsoi eamonn obrien

Vincent Tsoi

Business Owner

“I was impressed with Eamonn O’Brien the very second I met him. Why? Because he was early for our meeting. The day I met Eamonn and ever since then, I’ve enjoyed his passion for business and his energy for life. Eamonn is a born leader, he leads from the front and is sincere about helping people do get to where they want to be”

kelly victor eamonn obrien

Kelly Victor

Hospitality Industry

“I met Eamonn two years ago and have been impressed with his vision and the way he wants to impact people’s lives. Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish. I can tell Eamonn’s actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more”

work with eamonn obrien

Work with Eamonn

Eamonn will be your personal business coach and can guide you to living the life you want, starting now.

Eamonn is one of the top income earner in his industry in Ireland, and a sought-after trainer, speaker among the industry’s business and direct selling leaders.